RooCreate Eco Mailer Box

Eco Pouch With Eco Sticker

Our eco pouches are the perfect option to the traditional non-renewable and non-recyclable pouch bags. The pouches are made from renewable wood pulp starch and will dissolve into compostable material in about 85 days. While the shelf life will not be as good as normal plastic packaging, it will add great value to your sustainable footprint and brand image. Coffee valve is additional.

Eco-friendly pouches

Introducing a new range of eco-pouches. Made from renewable materials, recyclable and completely compostable, custom design yours today.

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Reinvent your food packaging with an Eco Pouch package design
Are you looking to stand out from the crowd with your food packaging? Now there’s an easier way to go eco with our sustainable pouch package design. Gone are the plastic linings and the non-recyclable, non-compostable materials that we are so used to. Our selection includes a recyclable, renewable and compostable pouch perfect for food or product packaging. You can either custom design it with your own print, or even use our eco-labels to pair with it.
Make a difference across your business
Not only will your choice of packaging material make an impact on the environment, both locally and internationally, but also on your business as a whole. Choosing eco means placing your values and norms to the forefront, which will be quickly noticed by customers and markets.