RooCreate Eco Clamshell Box

The finest clamshell you’ll ever meet

Choose a custom designed sleeve, embossed lettering, stickers and/or labels, for the perfect addition to any brand packaging.

Design features

  • Made from recycled cardboard & paper
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Water resistant, reusable packaging
  • No bleach. No dyes.
  • Make it your own with a custom designed band for your product!
** Not approved for direct food contact

Now, what size?

Small Clamshell With Sleeve
L: 10 cm x W: 7 cm x H: 3 cm (Fits a bar of soap)
Medium Clamshell with Sleeve
L: 14 cm x W: 10 cm x H: 3.8 cm (2x bigger than small)
Large Clamshell with Sleeve
L: 21.6 cm x W: 16.5 cm x H: 7.6 cm (Great for gift package sets)
A6 Clamshell Stationery Box
L: 16.5 cm x W: 12 cm x H: 2.2 cm (Fits a postcard)
RooCreate Eco Clamshell Box

Not sure if it will fit?

Order a sample pack which contains all 6 of our clamshell box sizes.
(We highly recommend!)

Sample kit includes:

  • 1x large box
  • 1x postcard box
  • 2x medium box (one with window)
  • 2x small box (one with window)
  • 2x bands

$18 (+GST and shipping)

Eco-friendly boxes

Our boxes are easily customised to cater to your product! From ready-to-go clamshells to product display boxes to sturdy mailer boxes, our boxes are the natural choice for a recyclable packaging solution.

Need a little inspiration?
See some of our favourite completed projects!

Inspire Me

An eco package design box comes in many shapes and sizes
Choosing eco doesn’t mean choosing a boring, brown box. Today, an eco package design box can come in various colours, shapes and sizes, all to accommodate your product. Eco materials are becoming more durable, long lasting and stronger.
Why choose an eco package design box for your product
Eco package design has come a long way in the past few years. New technological innovations and material developments have opened up a brand new market to businesses around the world. There are clear advantages of choosing eco package design over conventional packaging materials.